Hey all! 10 November

I am so so sorry that I haven’t been online for soooooooo long. Life’s been hectic and to be completely honest I have kinda forgotten I even had a themes blog hah & I totally just procrastinated answering the questions because that means logging off of my main account and logging onto this one. 

Sorry, I’m really lazy! But my inbox is empty now so feel free to send any q’s my way.

Kaitlyn x

"Hi, I just installed your breek theme and I LOVE it but there's one small detail that I would like to change, I just don't know if it's possible. Around the link box things there is this dark gray outline and I was wondering if there is a way to remove that? I hope this isn't much trouble! thanks in advance! xx" 10 November

The grey outline around the links is to give them a ‘3D effect’, but if you want to remove it, simply go to your html, find ‘#links a’ and replace the following:

  • remove all ‘border-leftrighttopbottom:2px solid #aeaeae’ lines, there’s four, one for each side
  • change the ‘width:165px;’ to ‘width:169px;’

Done! Hope this helps xx

Asker: Anonymous
"awesome themes <3" 10 November

Thank you! Messages like this mean a lot! xx

Asker: overjoyd
"Why don't photosets appear on your themes? :(" 10 November

I haven’t added them in yet, to add them I would have to change around the size of the posts so that the photosets would fit into the theme, will get around to doing that ASAP xx

Asker: Anonymous
Pending Ideas 20 August

Hey hey hey. Sooooo.. I have a few ideas for themes lined up, including the one on my blog at the moment. I have like 5 assignments to study for and do in the next few weeks so after that hopefully I’ll get back into the glorious world of HTML. Keen as beans guys. Yeah just thought I’d pop in and say hi! :D

Kaitlyn x

"your willow theme seems to be not working" 05 August

What do you mean?

When you go to change it in customise, go to the HTML code first and find ‘.posts’ under that it should say ‘width:100%;’ change the 100% to whatever you want, I generally use ‘1367px’. It has to have the ‘px’ after the number. Then click on save and then change anything you want.

When you’ve finished customising it however you want click save again, then go back to the HTML and change back the ‘width:1367px;’ to ‘width:100%;’

Then DONT press update preview, just press SAVE and then close!

For some reason when you have the posts automatically the same size as the browser it won’t let you save it and will come up saying something is wrong and like shut down - do these steps when you customise it and it should work fine xx

Asker: Anonymous
"Hi, I'm using your epitaph theme and all the posts are showing up in the sidebar. Help!" 05 August

Ahh oh no! Um did you change anything in the code or do anything to it, try copying and pasting it again and if that doesn’t work get back to me xx

Asker: bookofrevelation

Ahhhh so I changed my themes blog theme again but I swear this is the last time!! I like this one, it’s simple and goes with the majority of my blogs’ themes and stuff. Umm so I posted a new theme a few weeks ago (willow) and hopefully I may have a few more to add, I just changed my actual blogs theme again so maybe I’ll put up the old one.

SCHOOL IS BACK. Yay (sarcasm). But so uhh, yeah, hopefully maybe I’m a little more active idek. Maybe make some tutorials when I’m bored, I dunno. Maybe make a few changes to my themes blog (not very large significant changes though!!). Toodles!

Kaitlyn x

Heaps of people have been asking me how to install my themes, so hopefully this tutorial helps you.

  1. Go to the theme that you want and go to the box with the theme’s code.image
  2. Click inside of the box and press CTRL+A to select all the code. Press CTRL+C to copy it.image
  3. Go to Settings > Blog Name > Customize > Edit HTML.                                         image
  4. Use CTRL+A to select all of the current theme, and then press CTRL+V to paste the theme code that is already on your clipboard.
  5. Press the Save button and then Close the Customize page.

All done!

Holidays 08 July

Okay so I know I said I would post a few more themes in the ‘next few weeks’ in my last update post but I have been busy updating my theme on my themes blog which has been a tad more difficult than usual. So there may be 1 or 2 new themes during the holiday period.

Last week I travelled to see family and didn’t take my laptop with me, so that’s why I haven’t been on lately.So um yeah, the holidays haven’t been as free as I would’ve liked. But I’ve promised a friend a new theme so I will start working on it ASAP.

Kaitlyn x

New Theme 20 June

Changing the theme on my main themes blog has so far taken me the last few days and it’s still not complete because of schoolwork, but it should be done soon. Inspiration was taken from nutty-themes, but all coding is my own!

Everything should be done by the end of this weekend, all school stuff is done and over so I have 100% more free time and no stress levels so I guess now is the time to make some more themes. Expect a few in the next few weeks!

Kaitlyn x