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(13) Welcome to my themes blog! Feel free to take themes, edit them, use them, whatever you'd like (but please keep the credit either in the HTML code or on your page). Thank you all!
It’s been like a year…?
27 September, 2014


I’m about to start my HSC year so it probably isn’t the time to start making themes again but the holidays are booooooring.

I also will be adding more features to themes ie inverted tumblr controls, crosshair cursors. Just posted a new one, check it out, (it’s been sitting in my drafts for a solid year).

Also I got a new computer! I have officially joined the MacBook community.. :D So my new posts will look a bit different from my old ones.. ((better)).

Right, toodaloo fellow blogggers I must flee to my cosy bed! .. That’s too many g’s oh well.

Kaitlyn x

Hey all!
10 November, 2013

I am so so sorry that I haven’t been online for soooooooo long. Life’s been hectic and to be completely honest I have kinda forgotten I even had a themes blog hah & I totally just procrastinated answering the questions because that means logging off of my main account and logging onto this one. 

Sorry, I’m really lazy! But my inbox is empty now so feel free to send any q’s my way.

Kaitlyn x

Hi, I just installed your breek theme and I LOVE it but there's one small detail that I would like to change, I just don't know if it's possible. Around the link box things there is this dark gray outline and I was wondering if there is a way to remove that? I hope this isn't much trouble! thanks in advance! xx
10 November, 2013

The grey outline around the links is to give them a ‘3D effect’, but if you want to remove it, simply go to your html, find ‘#links a’ and replace the following:

  • remove all ‘border-leftrighttopbottom:2px solid #aeaeae’ lines, there’s four, one for each side
  • change the ‘width:165px;’ to ‘width:169px;’

Done! Hope this helps xx

awesome themes <3
10 November, 2013

Thank you! Messages like this mean a lot! xx

Why don't photosets appear on your themes? :(
10 November, 2013

I haven’t added them in yet, to add them I would have to change around the size of the posts so that the photosets would fit into the theme, will get around to doing that ASAP xx